OCS can tailor a solution to fit your needs.  Review our service offerings below and contact us for an in-depth analysis of how OCS Advisory Services can take your business to the next level.

Strategic Planning – Business Goals and Technology alignment

    OCS will work with your management team to understand the unique requirements of your business.  We’ll document your business goals and current information technology environment.  OCS will work with you to create a multi-year plan to support your business needs - to grow, to be more efficient, or to just maximize your technology investment.  In any case, you’ll have a strategy for buying and using technology that compliments your business objectives.

Financial Planning - create and maintain an IT budget

    Where does the money go?  Work with OCS to create an IT budget that outlines current expenditures and creates a financial plan for future initiatives.  Learn the secrets that can save your organization real money.

Technology Planning - recommend products and services

    Do you have someone that repairs your computers and answers basic troubleshooting questions?  What experience do they have in the evaluation and selection of technology products and services?  OCS has a tremendous base of knowledge to draw from; let us help.  We can work with your PC Support staff to assist them in the evaluation and recommendation of technology products and services.  Recommendations that will fit within your business strategy and financial plan.

Project Planning - implementation services

    Technology solutions can get complex.  Without the proper planning and oversight, they can easily cost you far more than originally planned.  OCS uses industry standard Project Management methodologies to help you deliver your information technology project on time and on budget.  Our knowledge of Project Management practices and experience in implementing a wide variety of technology solutions makes us uniquely qualified.

Resource Management - the right people for the job.

    Technology resources can be expensive, especially specialized skills.  Don’t try to maintain them internally, let OCS staff your projects with the right skills for the period of time they are needed.  Short term or long term assignments - OCS can help.

Website Management - leverage the power of the Internet

  • Learn the techniques to get your web site noticed.  The Internet can be a powerful tool if properly directed at your target audience.  OCS can help you make your current web site more effective or design one that gets customers and keeps them coming back.

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